Artist Spotlight: Terence Eduarte

“For 100 Days, I Illustrated People In Exchange For Their Secrets”

Terence Eduarte is an Illustrator in the Philippines and a few days ago, I saw an article about him all over my news feed. He did this project where he illustrated different people for 100 days in exchange for their secrets. I read all 100 of them and I was blown away.

Here are some examples:

1. “I burned the suicide note I wrote a month ago. Today is a good day.” 


2. “I Try My Hardest To Make People Happy Because I Know What It’s Like To Feel Absolutely Worthless. I Don’t Want Anyone Else To Feel Like That”


3. “I Told My Unborn Son I Wasn’t Ready To Be Loved By Him. The Next Day I Miscarried”


4. “I Want To Ask My Half-Sister If Our Estranged Dad Ever Touched Her Back When They Were Living Under The Same Roof. Or Was I His Only Victim?”


5. “I Wanted To Visit My Grandmother In The Hospital But It Was A Long Walk And I Got Lazy. The Next Day, She Passed Away”


6. “I Tell People My Mom Died From Cancer When She Actually Died From Cirrhosis Due To Alcoholism. I Didn’t Want People To Think She Was A Horrible Mother. We Were Close No Matter How Different The Alcohol Made Her Sometimes”


7.  “I Wrote Letters To My Girlfriend Every Day. Every Day Until Her Lung Cancer Took Her Away From Me”


 8. “I Got Rejected By My Friends Because They Think I’m Gay. I Tried Telling Them That I’m Not But I’m Starting To Realize They Might Be Right. I’m Lost Between Myself And Our Friendship”


9. “One Day, I Came Home From The University And My Mother Told Me To Cover Up My Legs In Front Of My Friends. She Didn’t Want Them To Realize I Had Gained Weight And She Said She Was Just Protecting Me From Gossip. The Comment Didn’t Leave My Mind And I’ve Been Bulimic Ever Since”


10. “Father’s Day Will Always Be The Time Of The Year I’ll Envy Everybody For Posting How Great Their Dads Are. I Used To Be Sad About It But Now, I Think I Accepted That He Won’t Be That Hero And Role Model Every Father Should Be”


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