How It Feels To Be The Only Boy Sibling

We’ve  all heard different stories of how it feels to be the only girl among all siblings, but no one has actually given the time to talk about the other way around.  So, why don’t we try and ask one of my good friends to give us an idea?

Rommel Glen Cerveza is a 17-year-old Senior High School student and he has 2 sisters. So, how does it feel to be the only boy sibling?


“I have one older sister whose name is Rommeline Grace and a younger sister, Blessy Mae. As the only boy, my number one job is to protect them at all cost from people who tries to hurt them. Aside from that, I give advice to both of my sisters about a lot of things. Especially, when it comes to boys. I always try to set an example for my sisters by being responsible and respectful.  Spending time with them is one way of having a good relationship with both of them and I tend to keep it that way. I also try to see things from their perspective. We may not always agree on a lot of stuff, but I always try to see things from their point of view.”


I asked him to give pros and cons about being the only boy sibling. He laughed and surprisingly had a lot to say and immediately started with the cons:

“Oh, boy. Where do I start. For cons, I have to say that obviously, I don’t have the same ‘fun” that I feel since they are girls and there are limitations compared to what I am used to when I hang out with my group of friends which consists of mostly boys. I don’t have a gaming buddy because let’s face it, not all girls are into video games. Another thing is that I can’t borrow from their wardrobe in times of need. Like, barong for Buwan ng Wika or a suit and tie for prom. Oh, and the waiting game is “so” much fun. Lastly, hair everywhere. (laughs)  For the Pros, I have a shoulder to cry on. Someone who understands and doesn’t judge you. I have a free fashion advisor and my wardrobe is all mine. I have someone who is always there no matter what. I love my sisters just as much as they love me and nothing else matters.”


What’s your sibling story?

(Photos: Rommel Glen Cerveza)