Take A Look: 22 Prime at Discovery Suites

Do you have a special occasion that you want to celebrate? Is it your anniversary? Planning on a proposal? Or maybe just a little get together with family and friends? Well, 22 Prime at the Discovery Suites is the best place for you.

For my Pops’ birthday, we decided to have a reservation at 22 Prime and celebrate it there which honestly, was a great idea. The restaurant is located at the 22nd floor of the Discovery Suites hotel.

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Upon entering the venue, we were greeted by the staff at the reception area and one of them showed us to our table by the window with a nice view of Metro Manila. Our table looked simple yet elegant and well prepared. Behind us was this gorgeous looking piano. I was wondering if someone was going to play it and a few minutes later, a man who was suited up, sat down and started playing. I gave him a nod and a smile every once in a while as a sign of appreciation for the songs he was playing, because it sounded so good. He nodded and smiled back as if saying “Thank you”.



After ordering, (which took us forever since their menu, presented a variety of yummyness) the waitress, who was serving us for the night, gave us a basket of bread paired with a delicious set of spreads.

The breads were called, Lavosh, Potato Bread and my favorite, the Soft Rolls. The spreads were called the Tomato Sundried Tapenado and the Roasted Garlic Composed Butter. They were so good that it could be the last food on earth and I would eat it every day with no complain.

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For our starters, my Pops ordered Caesar Salad which looked like a basket of greens with chunks of smoked, cured bacon. Yes chunks, as they were not thin! To top it off pops was delighted by the soft boiled egg nestled in the middle of the greens. As for my mom and I, we were surprised when they served us with Asparagus Soup, which was a complimentary from the 22 Prime’s Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon. We enjoyed the soup with the crunchy croutons on top.


After having our bread and our starters, it was finally time for the best part of our night, the main course.  But before serving, we were shown a big box of assorted steak knives and we were made to choose which one we fancy using. I gladly took the red one and so did my mom as she wants to go twinning! LOL Pops chose the black one.

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A few minutes later, our main course arrived and it was all mouthwatering. My tummy was definitely ready.

Pops ordered a medium well “Steak and Frites Wagyu Hanger Steak”. It had Mushroom on top with Truffle Fries, mixed greens and Signature Steak Sauce on the side. Mom and I both ordered a medium well Surf & Turf. It was Ribeye and Prawns with twice baked potato and grilled veggies. Partnered with various sauces, the 22 Prime Steak Sauce, Peppercorn Sauce and Truffle Cream Sauce.

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For side dishes, we had Truffle Mac and Cheese, Wilted Garlic Spinach and Braised Shirt Ribs “Fried Rice”. I had several Mojitos as it was buy 1 take 1 free and mom had the virgin one.  Of course Long Island Iced Tea for my pops and suffice to say we all enjoyed our drinks.


Before the night ended, I got to meet and chat with 22 Prime’s Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon. We talked about the drinks and the food, specifically the Caesar Salad that he made that really got our attention.

Overall, I had an amazing dining experience at Discovery Hotel’s 22 Prime. The service, the table setting, the food, the drinks, were excellent. With or without an occasion, I highly recommend 22 Prime for everyone who’s looking for a great place to dine or have a quite drink, just sit away from the piano bar. 22 Prime is your go-to restaurant and I can’t wait to go back.

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